Which carpet for which room?


Hardly any other home accessory lends a home as much warmth and comfort as the carpet. In addition to its role as a secret guarantor of coziness and room divider, it comes alive as a modern statement piece that manages to make a room appear in a completely new light.

However, not all carpets are the same. In different sizes, shapes, colors and fabrics, carpets show their diversity, which must be used in style at home. In which room you place which carpet correctly, we show you here.

But before we move from room to room, we would like to give you a few basics for your carpet purchase.

The optimal carpet size

Before buying a new carpet, you should always measure the dimensions of the desired room.

Rule of thumb: it’s best to choose a rug that is about 60 cm shorter than the shortest wall in the room. Carpets that are too big will look oppressive and make the room look smaller, while carpets that are too small will look lost in large rooms and lose their decorative effect. To calculate the optimal carpet dimensions, it is essential to take into account the doors in the room and their radius when opened. It is best to measure the room from the opened door, so that it is not stopped later by a too large carpet.

The ideal carpet material

In order to enjoy your new carpet for a long time, it is best to choose a carpet made of sustainable materials, so you defy quick wear and tear! It is also important to choose a material that is easy to clean. 

The right carpet color

When it comes to color, there are also a few factors to consider when buying a carpet. Contrasts, in particular, play a crucial role here. If your floor is dark, it’s best to choose a carpet in light, milder colors; on a lighter floor, on the other hand, darker carpets form a harmonious counterpoint. In general, light carpet colors make a room look visually larger, while darker tones stand out nicely in a strongly lit room.

You are classically furnished in white? Then gaudy colors such as a warm red or a noble blue provide colorful eye-catchers.

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Which carpet for the living room?

The living room is, next to the dining room, the center of your home. Here are comfortably watching movies on the sofa or cheerful game evenings with friends and family spent. All the more important to create a cozy atmosphere with a chic carpet in the living room.

The be-all and end-all when buying a carpet is, of course, that it matches the rest of the interior in terms of shape and color. For the perfect carpet position in the living room, it’s best to measure the length of your sofa.


Variant 1 -carpet under the coffee table Here the carpet is placed in the middle of the sofa and armchair under the coffee table.

Variant 2 – carpet on the edges of all seating furniture.
Here the carpet is placed under the front part of each piece of seating furniture to visually connect them.

Variant 3 – carpet under all pieces of furniture
Here the carpet is so large that the sofa, armchair and coffee table can all fit on it. It is only important that the carpet is large enough so that there is enough space between each piece of furniture – so they do not look cramped.

By the way, to define the living room as the central point at home, round carpets are also perfect – they create a harmonious atmosphere in the form of a round “living island”.

Which carpet for a small living room?

In a small living room it is necessary to create visual expanse. The best way to do this is to place your new rug just in front of the sofa and place only the armchair and coffee table on the rug. Furs or high pile rugs are particularly suitable here. To make the room look longer, it’s best to choose cross-striped rugs.