Geox D ELINA D D52P8D Women's shoes Geox Lt Taupe High heels VN29991

Model: VN29991
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Geox D ELINA D D52P8D Women's shoes Geox Lt Taupe High heels VN29991
Product type High heels
Ref. 117546
Season Spring/Summer
Lining Leather
Heel height 7 cm
Colour Beige
Size reference 38
Construction Vulcanized
Manufacture China
Width Standard
Upper/Ankle Patent leather
Insole Leather

Ideas can come from anywhere, and for Mario Poletti Polegator, the inventor of Geox shoes, inspiration struck when he was walking in the streets of Nevada. Suffering from the intense heat, he pierced the soles of his shoes with a knife; a genius idea, which he brought back to the ateliers of Italy where the concept was refined and perfected. After trying to sell the prototypes to several big companies, he decided to start his own brand in 1995 and nurture and develop his innovative concept. With a boundless determination and tenacity, his “shoe that breathes” got the recognition that it deserves, and now Geox is one of the biggest shoe brands in the world. This success is based on a solid foundation…one that literally lies under our feet! The Geox patented sole incorporates a special membrane which lets the foot breathe while remaining resistant to external moisture! With a focus on comfort and flexibility, soft materials and ergonomic design, Geox also has its finger on the fashion pulse with their elegant and casual designs for the whole family. Handcrafted from quality materials, Geox shoes combine wellness and beauty like no other brand on the market.